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The Therapy Place of La Crosse
Our Story 

Welcome to The Therapy Place of La Crosse, LLC website.  The Therapy Place is a private practice that offers psychotherapy to a wide range of clients in La Crosse and surrounding areas.  We offer a private, confidential setting in a convenient location with plenty of parking.


It has been quite an adventure opening The Therapy Place. As we reflected on this we decided that much of what happened and how we handled it reflected our philosophy and may be worth sharing.  It started with a dream of working together in a way that allowed us, most of the time, to practice the things that we love and do well.  We want to collaborate with other providers where ever they work and make a positive impact in the community in which we live.  As we developed this dream, looked for a location, and discovered all of the things involved in opening a business we were challenged in many ways.  We made a LOT of mistakes, learned from them, and kept going.  We discovered we don’t have to do everything and know everything.

We each have unique talents and we can rely on each other and others in our life who care about us and wanted to help.  On one particular evening I was painting a shelf to hang in the office.  I noticed after I was finished that I missed a side.  After a long day, it would be easy to get upset about this or maybe say something not so nice to myself about my lack of attention to detail.  Instead I stopped and I thought “I should leave this, and hang a sign on it that says Welcome to The Therapy Place where no one is perfect”.   I did end up painting that side of the shelf but I also realized that that is the philosophy.  There have been many mishaps in our adventure.  We had a lot of opportunity to get worked up, focus on blame (either ourselves or others) for mistakes, say bad things to ourselves or others, but in the end no one is perfect and this imperfection did not get in the way of our dream.  Instead we worked on embracing difficult feelings, choosing to mindfully move forward (even when we were scared), tend to relationships with each other and those around us, and appreciate and be grateful for all the people in our lives who support our imperfect selves.   As humans there are many things that can get in our way.  Past events, fears, negative thoughts, circumstances that seem impossible to overcome, but in the end we decide how we are going to move forward in our lives even if it isn’t perfect, or exactly as we had planned.  We would like to help those who come to The Therapy Place do just that.

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